About us

Bulyáki Pálinka has more than 30 years of experience to its merit.

Bulyáki József- Pálinkafőző mester
We transferred our expertise of many years of distilling for hire into commercial distilling to produce or first bottled pálinkas, marketed since 2008.

We combine tradition with the fundamentals of modern pálinka distilling. Selected, healthy Hungarian fruit is processed fresh, with a carefully monitored, guided fermentation. High-quality fruit mash is distilled in the traditional two-step “mountain dew” system, made fully of brass from the distilling bowl through the steam pipe to the opening of the eprouvette.

Today, we operate as a true family enterprise, ensuring long-term high quality, since blood and name binds us, and it is in the interest of all of us to provide you with excellent quality to pour into your glasses, preserving Hungarian traditions.
Our goal is for you to view our pálinka not only as a product but as an experience, where each moment must be savoured, for life is but a sip and the contents of our glass matters.